Find The Glue You Need to Make All Your Relationships Last

Confusion, contentment, and comedy—the human condition in a nutshell. We try and decode each other just as much as we endeavor to deconstruct ourselves. Yet, we are all beautifully disjointed, unapologetically jagged, and skillfully misaligned puzzle pieces that still somehow coalesce to form a solid, cohesive mosaic. A single image of our connected nature.

But how do these seemingly irreconcilable, imperfect fragments link together? How are we really expected to fit square shapes in circular cavities or align innies with outies? How can we overcome obvious defects, discrepancies, and displacements?


We apply the glue.

My books, blogs, and social media platforms are all meant to help you identify, locate, and apply the ‘glue’ you need to maximize every connection and relationship in your life—be it friendships, professional associations, family bonds, or romantic partners.  Am I missing something? Would you like to contribute? What can I help clarify or delve into for you? Please tell us on our community Facebook page or through our ‘Contact Us’ page. You are at the center of what we do!