Discover Your Inner Peacekeeper — The One Who Isn’t Afraid To Take Peace By Force

Gone are the days you can passively sit back and simply wait for relationships to improve, evolve, or resolve themselves. Gone are the days you can rationalize away your responsibilities, roles, or rights in taking control of the direction your relationships go. And gone are the days you are limited by unempathetic advice, practical knowledge, or clear guidance.

Nope. Now you have me.

If you’re ready to become that proactive, powerful badass—that suit-clad superhero—who makes all the people in your life respect you, then you are in the right place. My single goal is to arm you with the weapons you need to fill your life with peace, prosperity, and passion. Let’s get started!

Are You a Fool, Genius, or Everything in Between?

Perfect. Regardless of your answer, you belong.

In addition to this informational site, I’ve created a brand-new Facebook group dedicated to all things surrounding relationships. I am committed to helping people just like you become the best partner, professional, co-worker, boss, and friend you’ve always wanted to be. I can help you deal with conflict, drive real change, and form meaningful bonds. In this community, we will look at relationships differently and support each other through every stage of the process, regardless of where you are starting from now.

The story of

Ingrid Holtz

Ingrid Holtz has dedicated her life to helping people harness their inner abilities, learn instantly applicable techniques, and interact with newfound confidence in order to truly optimize the relationships in their lives that matter most.
To all who know her, Ingrid Holtz is lovingly referred to as Wyatt Earp’s Peacemaker for her instinctive abilities to…

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Great relationships don’t just happen with friends, family, co-workers, or partners. Relationships take work, but no one said you had to do it alone!

Ingrid Holtz

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